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What careers will a dance education prepare me for?

While many dance majors go on to be professional dancers after graduation, that is not the only option available. And, let’s face it, a dance career may not be the longest lasting, so it’s always best to keep your options open. There is no limit to the jobs you can get with a dance education, especially if you choose to double major or have a concentration within your dance major (such as dance pedagogy or choreography).

The nature of dance prepares students for far more than just dancing. A dance education teaches you discipline, creativity, collaborative skills, a strong work ethic and many more life skills that extend far beyond the studio and into the workplace.

The list of what dance majors become after college includes but is not limited to: dancer, dance teacher, studio owner, author, arts administrator, journalist, photographer, physical therapist, costume designer and even lawyer and doctor.

While you don’t need to go into school knowing which direction you will end up going, it’s great to work with an advisor while you’re there so that you can fine tune your education to best prepare you for life after school. Most importantly, try not to limit yourself right away. College is a fantastic time to experiment in different styles and concentrations and really explore your options.

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